Prayas – The After School Programme

Development of interests in various fields and going deep into them is essential for students to grow into professionals in their adult lives. The Foundation School provides several avenues for students to develop such interests through the Saturday Enrichment Programs (SER). These programs provide students with options to learn and develop their talent in a variety of areas such as Instrumental Music, Indian Music, Kathak Dance, Speech and Drama, Robotics and Aeromodeling. These programs are conducted by people who are professionals in these fields.

After school program for Grades 1 to 12

Students have the option to select from various sports as offered in their respective schools. These include Football, Basketball, Badminton and Skating. For those inclined towards more intellectual pursuits, the school offers an excellent chess program

It is said that music is the language of the heart and the soul. For students who would like to pursue music, Prayas offers Instrumental music classes (Guitar, Drums and Keyboard), and Hindustani Vocal music classes.

The Prayas program also includes an immersive program in Robotics for students who are interested in this area. This program is held on Saturdays.

Parents are advised to connect with their respective schools to check for various details such as the programs offered, fees, timings and transport arrangements.