Activity Based

The Foundation School ensures that students’ understanding is enhanced through active participation and practical application.

Activity Based

The Foundation School ensures that students’ understanding is enhanced through active participation and practical application.


The Foundation School

The Foundation schools were established in 2009. The Gunjur branch has become one of the top CBSE schools in Varthur, Gunjur & Whitefield areas, and the best school in Sarjapur Road area in a short period of time. The schools follow a methodology that helps children through hands-on activities and experiential learning. Children at The Foundation School are seen not as consumers who need external entertainment, but as producers who interact with various learning materials with their own hands; construct knowledge and gain immense satisfaction from the process. In keeping with this methodology.

The Foundation School follows the Montessori Philosophy at the pre-primary level, and experiential learning from grade 1 onwards. All of these make The Foundation School, one of the foremost leading and progressive schools in the Varthur, Gunjur, Whitefield and Sarjapur Road areas of Bangalore.

Our Campuses

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Experience the magic of our school’s activities through captivating virtual tours showcased in these videos. While we encourage you to explore our campus in person for an immersive experience, these virtual tours provide a sneak peek into the vibrant world of our school.

Academic Program

The Foundation School excels in providing comprehensive and enriching academic programs that foster a love for learning and empower students with a strong foundation for future success.

Pre-Primary Montessori

The Pre Primary Montessori program is designed for children of 2yr 6mo – 6yr age group. The Montessori method provides a range of materials to stimulate child’s interest through self-directed activity.

Primary School

Grade 1 to 5

Our school provides an environment that takes the child through the next stage of her journey, satisfying her urge to find answers…

Middle School

Grade 6 to 8

By the time a child enters middle school, she has built a strong foundation in basic science, math, language and social studies. She now requires a higher degree of stimulation and is ready to assimilate sophisticated concepts.

Senior School

Grade 9 & 10

At high school level, the intensity of academic activities increases. When students first enter Grade 9, they experience a higher quantum of academic content, as compared to earlier classes….

Senior Secondary School

Grade 11 & 12

The Foundation School offers programs for Grade 11 and 12 as prescribed by CBSE. The school focuses on the Science Stream which includes the PCM and PCB combinations along with Computer Science…

Academic Enviornment

Grade 1 to 5

The Foundation School’s academic environment is multi dimensional. In conjunction with the Montessori methodology in the lower grades, and hands-on methodologies in the higher…

Unleashing Potential Through Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities in schools go beyond the traditional academic curriculum, offering students a diverse range of enriching experiences. These activities complement and enhance the overall educational journey by fostering holistic development and nurturing various skills and talents.

Music, Art & Dance

Sports & Games

Hands on Science

Sprint (Math & Science)

Prayas - The After School Programme

Read what parents have to say about us

We welcome you to review the statements from the happy parents who share their positive experiences and feedback about our school.

Vijay Musigeri

1st day of school for my son . All the communications from school have been great till now . Excited to see the growth in my son 😊 …

Karthikeyan Vishnu

A really good school with a good environment for children. The school gives equal importance to studies, sports and other activities.

Vaishnavi Sethuraman

I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible care and support that Foundation has provided to my child.

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