Senior School

At high school level, the intensity of academic activities increases. When students first enter Grade 9, they experience a higher quantum of academic content, as compared to earlier classes. Our teachers help students acclamatise to this new workload in a systematic and progressive manner.

In Grade 10, students will need to focus on building knowledge, skills and resilience for the upcoming board exams. The school helps students prepare for the board exam through several means, including frequent chapter tests, regular revision and separate sessions for those who need additional help. These sessions could be small group sessions, or even one-on-one if required. Lastly, the school conducts atleast two pre-board exams to help students understand exam-like situations.

CBSE Subject Options

In keeping with CBSE’s requirements, the school offers subjects that are mandatory, and some subjects which the student can choose from. The student needs to take 5 subjects at the minimum. The 6th Subject is optional. The table below showcases the available options.

Subject Name Comments
Subject 1 (Language)
English Lang and Lit (Code 184)
Subject 2 (Language)
Hindi Course - B (Code 085)
Kannada (Code 015)
French (Code 018)
Subject 3
Social Science (Code 087)
Subject 4
Mathematics (Code 041)
Mathematics Basic (Code 241)
Compulsory. Students can choose either regular Maths or Basic Maths.
Subject 5
Science (Code 086)
Subject 6
Information Technology (Code 402)
This is an optional subject. If a student fails in any of the first five, the same will be replaced by the 6th subject, provided that that after replacement, one language remains as one of the main five subjects.

Role models are very important during one’s formative years. At The Foundation School, we expose students to inspiring leaders, their thoughts and their lives. This will help them aspire to reach greater heights in their future careers. We will also have lectures by various visiting faculty on subjects such as Science and Humanities

The middle school years offer students sufficient amount of time to expand their capabilities. The school promotes this through a wide variety of exposures including opportunities to participate in several school events and visits to various types of organsations through field trips.

The school offers opportunities for students to participate in several projects that promote innovation and social causes. Students work in groups to develop these programs

Preparation for important exams such as the board exams, require students to understand how to answer questions of various types. For example, to what detail should one answer a 1 mark question, versus a 3 marks or a 5 marks question? Similarly, there are various other techniques for answering questions that will help them better express their knowledge, and help them with better grades. A great foundation at this age will give them a leg up in preparing for any exams at a later point in time.

The TFS Sprint Program is designed to progressively build students’ mental stamina, preparing them for the rigorous studies of Grades 11 and 12. Starting in Grade 6 and intensifying through Grade 9, the program employs periodic events called Sprints. These Sprints combine self-study with school-administered tests, requiring students to exert higher levels of effort and focus than usual. 

Leadership opportunities abound everywhere if one looks for them. At The Foundation School, we have introduced the concept of Bus Leadership, where students in the middle and high school, are given an opportunity to take responsibility for younger students, monitor them, and help them when required. Such opportunities provide avenues for students to inculcate leadership qualities through practice.