Whitefield Campus


The Foundation School, Whitefield

The Foundation Montessori PreSchool at Whitefield has created a name for itself through its excellence in education since 2013. The school offers a preschool program for Nursery, LKG, UKG and Playschool level students, and follows the Montessori philosophy. Our bright and cheerful classrooms are uniquely designed to cater to the natural curiosity of young minds. We are passionate about creating a secure environment to nurture physical, emotional and social development in preschool children.

The Foundation Montessori Preschool’s centralized location on Borewell Road makes it easily accessible from Whitefield main road, Nellurahalli, Ramagondanahalli, Kundalahalli Gate, ITPL, Mahadevpura and Marathahalli. Our Montessori Preschool is walking distance from the Whitefield post office on Borewell Road, making accessibility easy for Kindergarten age group children (Nursery or Playschool, LKG and UKG age levels).


Warm, Home-like and Safe

With over 12,000 square feet of space, The Foundation Montessori PreSchool at Whitefield provides a warm, caring, safe and nurturing environment. With over 9 large fully equipped classrooms to explore, the school provides stimulating Montessori Preschool environments for children to learn, observe, reflect and practice. Dr. Maria Montessori believed that children learn by doing. Therefore, the school has a garden, a nature study area and play areas for children to learn. The school takes pride in having the best infrastructure such as an age-appropriate Library and a Performing Arts center, where children at Kindergarten age levels (Nursery or Playschool, LKG and UKG age levels) learn dance, drama and music. Further, there are clean toilets, a separate kitchen, and a room where children can rest.

Teachers and Staff

Montessori Trained

The Foundation Montessori PreSchool’s teachers are trained and experienced in the Montessori methodology. A coordinator, who is also a Montessorian, oversees all activities. Our teachers work with students at all preschool Kindergarten age groups such as Nursery or Playschool, LKG and UKG, using the Montessori philosophy. The staff consists of caring Akkas who maintain a clean environment, help children with personal hygiene and keep a hawks eye out for the safety of each child.


Vans and Buses

The school offers transport services from the Whitefield branch, for those who would like to avail of it. The school runs a combination of vans and buses for both pick up and drop services.

Daycare Facilities

Leave Your Child After School

Daycare Facility: Students from the Whitefield branch and the Gunjur branch can avail of the day care facility at the Foundation Montessori Preschool’s Whitefield branch. A variety of activities are conducted to keep students engaged.


To develop children with a global mindset, children who are socially and environmentally aware, who are ethical in their approach, and are equipped with progressive life skills to propel them in their future endeavors.
That is The Foundation!

Activities at Whitefield Campus

Building Character and Skills

The school conducts multiple activities and events that help students develop a variety of skills and character traits. These include events such as annual day, sports day, celebration of various festivals and national events. Along with the Montessori methodology, Nursery or Playschool students, LKG and UKG Preschool level students (Kindergarten age groups) are involved in age appropriate activities for such events.

Field Trips - Learning from the Real World

Students are taken on several field trips during the year to a variety of places. The Whitefield Post Office, Police Station and other places such as local gardens and nurseries welcome Preprimary Montessori students from our schools. They are already accustomed to visits by Kindergarten students (Nursery or Playschool, LKG and UKG students), and take them through a safe and enriching visit within the premises. Our school arranges for transportation for these trips and our well trained Akkas and Teachers accompany the students.


Montessori Development Journey

The Foundation School excels in providing comprehensive and enriching academic programs that foster a love for learning and empower students with a strong foundation for future success.


Story-telling, songs and rhymes are part of language development.

Language is taught phonetically which leads to rapid reading amongst students.

There are series of graded readers for children to master reading. 


The journey starts with Colouring, Joining of dots, Free-hand-drawings, Line-pattern drawing, Tracing of alphabets and numbers

Children learn to write cursive letters first and then move onto writing words, sentences and creative-writing.


Counting goes together with recognition of numbers and number sounds. Higher order numbers are taught through decimal system.

Students also learn concepts of addition, subtraction, 2-D/3-D geometrical objects, gradation, etc.

Cultural Studies & Art

Prominent Indian festivals / events are celebrated in school.

Children also participate in various Arts/ Craft, Theatre, Music and Dance program throughout the year. They get several opportunities to express themselves.

Exercises in Practical Life

Practical life materials and exercises develop physical coordination, care of self and care of the environment.

Specific materials provide opportunities to practice buttoning, zipping, lacing, pouring, scooping, sorting activities, polite manners, etc.

Sensorial Development

Sensorial materials enable activities and exercises for children to experience natural order of the physical environment, e.g. attributes like size, colour, shape and dimension. They also includes finetuning the sense of touch, weight, temperature, smell and taste.


What is Pre-School Montessori?

The term Montessori refers to a method of preschool education created by Maria Montessori. The Montessori methodology is very popular in India and in many parts of the world. While the Montessori methodology is applicable to all age groups of students, it is most popularly adopted at the preschool level in India.

The Preschool Montessori methodology consists of a child-centric model that includes hands-on learning. The methodology encourages self-directed activities amongst children, who are guided by trained Montessori preschool teachers. Children learn at their own pace and move on to other activities only when they have mastered the current activity. Further, the Preschool Montessori method accelerates reading and writing through the use of phonetics. Lastly, the Preschool Montessori classrooms (called environments) are multiple age environments with students between the ages of 3 (Nursery age group),4 (LKG age group) and 5 (UKG age group) learning together.

Preschool Montessori students adjust quickly to regular academics when they go to grade 1. They are fully prepared, and often do better than other students in higher grades. Here is a link to a video by the founders of google, who talk about the influence that Montessori education had on them.


In a multiple age learning environment, students from the ages of 3 (Nursery age), 4 (LKG age) and 5 (UKG age) learn together in the same classroom. This method has several benefits. The junior students learn from the senior students, and this accelerates their comprehension and skills. The senior students learn patience and leadership skills when dealing with the junior students.

The Preschool Montessori methodology involves hands-on learning. Every learning topic is supported by learning materials that children use, to understand that topic. Children typically learn to use simpler material and gradually move on to more complex ones, as their knowledge increases.

All Preschool Montessori schools are not the same as they may follow the Montessori methodology to varying degrees. A good way to understand if a school follows the Montessori methodology is to see the classroom. The material is typically arranged in shelves and there is enough space for students to work on various activities. Take a look at what our Montessori environments are like in this video https://youtu.be/yn93uLnC4JM