Creative Thinking

The world is getting more complex, and so are the problems that our children will face as they grow up. Old ways of thinking will not longer be as helpful in generating solutions for new problems. Therefore, at The Foundation School, we have introduced the Creative Thinking program to help students prepare for their future. The program focuses on out-of-the-box thinking methods, and helps students become solution oriented. Students understand that there can be many solutions to the same problem, thereby opening their mindset to multiple possibilities.
From grade 6 onwards, students take up two projects. One project will be environment oriented while the other will be oriented towards social issues. Creative thinking involves not just creating new solutions, but also extending existing designs by considering new functionalities. The program provides students with freedom of thought that is keeping in line with The Foundation School’s philosophy.

A Tiny glimpse

Here’s a tiny glimpse into the creative minds of our students. During one of the Creative Thinking classes, each student was given a blank strip from the famour cartoon characters Calvin and Hobbes. Students were asked to think of creative dialogues between Calvin and his father while staying within the overall characteristics of the cartoon. The 4 samples below will astound the reader in terms of how creative the students were.