Code of Conduct

School Policies

The Foundation school has several policies relating to conduct, attendance, fees, general interaction with parents, admissions, uniforms, breaks, medical status etc. Overarching all of these policies is the fact that the school focuses on being child centric. This implies that all rules and regulations are created to ensure that the school’s students have the best possible experience during their educational journey.

The second aspect of the school’s policies is that the school will comply with all statutory rules and regulations as specified by the government and the education board.

Code of Conduct

Guidelines for Parents

Payment of Fees

Admissions & Withdrawal

While the Foundation Schools follows the statutory laws and procedures governing admissions, each branch may have its own specific processes around admissions and withdrawls. Please contact the respective school’s administration for more information.

Attendance & Regularity


Lunch & Snack Breaks

Medical Advice


What route will the bus take?

Please do refer to the route-map provided by the school, to determine the route your child is likely to take to the school. If your place of residence does not fall on this route, please do ask at the office if transportation facility could be extended to your residence.

Admission to the school is not a guarantee of provision of transport service for residences away from the published transport routes.

If the roads are narrow and we believe that the bus would not be able to reach all the way to your home, or if it is difficult for the bus to take a U-turn (since reversing is dangerous, we do try to minimise reversing of the bus), we will request you to come to the nearest serviceable point. There might be times that you would be required to cross-the road to board the bus. While attempt is to pick up all children from home in the mornings, it might not be possible to provide home-pick-up-service to all. We might request you to bring the child to a main point in the morning. In the afternoon, all attempts would be made to drop the child upto the home.

When will transport service begin for my child? Preprimary/ Primary/ Middle/ High school: For continuing and new students the transportation service would begin on the first day of the school, with a pick-up from pick-up point (i.e., if their place of residence continues to be the same). If there are changes in the pick-up/drop timings, you shall be intimated about the same earlier.

For new students the transportation service would begin on the first day of the school, with a drop from the School to home. We request parents to please bring the child from home to the School on the first day of School.

Pre-primary students: For new students the transportation service would begin only after the child has settled down in the School.

While a dry-run is carried out before the first day of transport service, please do expect some delays in the first week of service.

The driver will wait for only one minute beyond the given pick up time.

Will the driver wait for my child if we are not at the designated stop on time?

The driver will not call if the child is not at the designated stop on time.

The bus-staff have been instructed to bring the child back to the school if the parents/care-giver is not at the designated stop. Before that they will try to contact the parents over the phone.

Pick-up-card is a document that has the child’s photograph and the photograph of the parents/grand-parents/care-givers who are likely to pick up the child from the school bus / school. If the right pick-up card is not shown, the bus-staff have been instructed to bring the child back to the school.

While our endeavour is to have the bus reach on time, the traffic conditions in Bangalore are unpredictable. We do experience delays once/twice in a month. In case of inordinate delays we do try to inform the parents.

Since the bus driver is likely to get distracted while driving please call the ‘akka’ whose phone number would be provided to you. Only if you are unable to reach akka should the driver be called.

We insist that parents/care-givers should be present to pick up the child until Grade 5.

Please do contact the Administration Coordinators about bus service.

Until you receive a call from authorised phone numbers, please do not send your ward in any other bus. These numbers shall again be provided during Orientation.