Senior Secondary School
Grade 11 & 12

The Foundation School offers programs for Grade 11 and 12 as prescribed by CBSE. The school focuses on the Science Stream which includes the PCM and PCB combinations along with Computer Science. The school houses an excellent library, and is equipped with laboratories consistent with CBSE standards.

The School also helps students prepare for competitive exams through a curriculum enrichment initiative. The school works with well qualified and experienced professionals to help students identify and prepare for exams they would be most successful at.

CBSE Subject Options

In keeping with CBSE’s requirements, the school offers subjects that are mandatory, and some subjects which the student can choose from. The student needs to take 5 subjects at the minimum. The 6th Subject is optional. The table below showcases the available options.

Subject Name Comments
Subject 1
English Core (Code 301)
Subject 2
Chemistry (Code 43)
Subject 3
Physics (Code 42)
Subject 4 & 5
Mathematics (Code 41)
Biology (Code 44)
Computer Science (Code 83)
Student can select any two from these three subjects.

CBSE Exam Preparation

To help students prepare for CBSE exams, we focus on 4 components.





Curriculum Enrichment For Test Prep

The School introduces students to one of the best test prep professionals in the Industry. Test prep classes are conduct online, and therefore students can study from the comfort of their homes. This results in a significant saving of travel time, that can be devoted towards studies.

PCM-Ex IITian with strong track record . Biology – Calcutta University Silver Medallist . Our faculty pays special attention to each student’s requirement and advices them accordingly.

The same teacher teaches across Physics, Chemistry and Maths. This ensures proper learning through calibrated approach. For example, the right math concepts are taught prior to using those concepts in physics. Further, the teacher can identify problems in one subject that are affecting the student’s performance in another subject.

Guidance and counselling given on exams with greatest chances of success, based on the student’s performance and interests.

Depending upon the student’s ability and interest, the teacher helps the student prepare for the right exam using the appropriate learning material. E.g. preparation for BITSAT or CET requires a different type of practice as compared to JEE Main or Advanced.